I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 17th Congressional district as an open minded, free thinking, moderate, with common sense political views. If elected, I will remain independent and will not caucus or align myself with either major party in Congress. I will not stake out hard and fast positions on any given issue. I will, however, seek insight and input from across the political landscape before carefully working to craft common sense legislation that moves our communities and our country forward. 


America needs a new beginning. We must focus on the common goals and ideals we share and map an upward course that puts our interests as Americans before the interests of political parties. We currently have the complete opposite dynamic at work in the United States Congress, so let’s change it for the better. 


As a founding member of the Preserve movement, I have worked relentlessly for the better part of the past two decades to help organize the Preserve Vote, which acts as a counterweight to the Chassidic Bloc vote in Rockland County. Preserve is a diverse coalition of people from every ethnic group, religious faith, economic class, and ideological perspective who have set aside their differences to unite their vote behind candidates who will act in the best interest of the greater good. Our guiding mantra has always been: Equal treatment for all, Preferential treatment for none.


In pursuit of this endeavor over many years, I’ve collaborated with people from all walks of life to foster understanding, build trust, and form consensus. The Preserve vote has become a potent force at the ballot box in elections at all levels of government because it brings people together over what matters most: the well being of the community at large. 


I will follow the same course of action in the halls of Congress: forging friendships and finding allies, all while spreading awareness of the many problems that impact our quality of life so acutely here in the lower Hudson valley: corruption, overdevelopment, housing discrimination, RLIUPA, heavy tax burdens, substantial equivalency in educational curriculum,   depletion of natural resources, abuse of social services,  and our steady slide towards theocracy. 


I see good ideas from both sides of the current political divide, and believe all schools of thought deserve a fair hearing in a spirited but civil debate. The ultimate goal is to build a diverse coalition of moderate lawmakers that will vote together to temper the will of extremists on both ends of the political spectrum. The result will be balanced legislation and policies that treat people equally and fairly with regard to our local concerns as well as the important issues we face collectively as a nation. 

Sophisticated special interests can game our political system, rewrite the laws in their favor, rig the courts, stack local boards and commissions,  and misappropriate public resources to their own benefit. 


The one thing they can not do is control how you vote on election day. The last line of defense for our democracy is the free will of the voter to cast their ballot in their own best interest. Both major parties take the votes of their members for granted, cutting deals with special interests at the expense of those very same rank and file party members, confident in the belief that they will still vote down the major party line out of blind obedience. 

 The one thought that haunts party leaders the most is the idea that people will wake up and abandon the major party lines in favor of candidates like myself that are not under the thumb of any party machine or special interest.  My candidacy is a golden opportunity to send a powerful message to special interests and party leaders alike. We are fed up and ready to act. 

America needs a new beginning. I need your vote to start that new beginning.  Please cast your ballot for me on the SAM Party ballot line Row H, this November, 3rd.

Thank you,

Mike Parietti 

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